Excellent Choices LLC

The Excellent Choices program provides the opportunity for young men to express themselves in meaningful discussions.  I have witnessed first hand the positive transformation that has occurred in the behavior of the young men that have participated in Mr. Dandridge's program.

Linda M Huff, Program Director, Don Bosco Hall YouthVille Detroit 2015

I would highly recommend Mr. Dandridge for any school district with Title 1 funds or the ability to have supplementary services for students.  He did an excellent job providing restorative practices  and preventative discipline techniques with the students.
Eric Pate, Principal at Global Preparatory Academy

What I liked about the Summer Program is that it helped us with any problems that we had and it also helped us stay off the streets. Most of all, it helped us become more confident in ourselves.

Cordell Pullam, 14 year old participant in Excellent Choices LLC Summer Youth Program 2014 

I have had Steven Dandridge speak several times in the last 2 years to the young men in my organization regarding Anger Management and Dealing with Peer Pressure.  Excellent Choices LLC  does a great job of staying current with today's youth and "keeping it real" when discussing consequences as a result of your actions.

Ed Ramey, Brothers On A Porch

Steven Dandridge did a great job keeping the students engaged at our school. They were excited to share their experiences and to participate in the role playing scenarios.  I would highly recommend this program to other schools.   

Mr. Swindle, Burton International Academy

The facilitators for Excellent Choices LLC were a joy to work with at our school. My 5th graders really looked forward to the team building exercises and to discussing how to get along with each other. Every school needs to take advantage of this program.

Mrs. Boyce, Horace Mann Learning Academy